Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 year old check up

My- how time flies! Ella Rae had her 1 year old check-up yesterday. I was actually pretty sad about this check up because Kelly wasn't able to be there with us. This was the FIRST appointment of Ella Rae's that Kelly has EVER missed! I am so proud of how involved he is, and wants to be, with Ella Rae. He loves his little doddle more than any daddy I know, and it shows! Anyways, Ella Rae's check up was great! She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight! The Dr. also told me that they are no longer recommending "high-fat" diets, so 2% milk would be fine for Ella Rae. We (Kelly and I included) had made the switch to whole milk about a week ago and though it is delicious, it is not figure friendly. Just the other day, Kelly had suggested buying 2% for us and whole for Ella Rae... now we don't have to! I gave Ella Rae 2% this morning, and I don't think she even realized the difference. We are also switching to sippy cups!!! I think this is a harder transition for me, not Ella Rae. I just can't believe that we are almost out of the bottle age... But Ella Rae is doing great so far with the cups. I have found that she does really well with straws too. She is just growing growing! Ella Rae did have to get 2 shots at this check-up, but she handled them great and didn't have a fever or anything yesterday. So overall, Ella Rae had a great 1 year old check up. I am just so blessed that she is happy and healthy.

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  1. walking, sippy cups... AHHH! I must get home! How blessed you are indeed to have such a HAPPY and healthy little doodle!!! Love ya'll!!!