Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April, already?

I can't believe April is already underway. I wanted to get some new pictures up, mainly of Easter. Enjoy!

Ella Rae's Easter basket and goodies

Ella Rae grabbing at her new blocks

She was very excited about all the fun stuff
Happy Easter from our little bunny!
Helping Ella Rae put her quarters (which were inside the plastic eggs) in her piggy bank.
Ella Rae climbing into her Easter basket... she is ALWAYS so silly!

Going for a car ride

So happy!

The Shaw Family :)

Then we tried to get a picture of just Ella Rae and the flowers. That didn't work out so well. So here is a collage of all the pictures of Ella Rae and the flowers

See... not so easy to keep a 14 month old still!

We also took Ella Rae (and Kiya) to the beach. It wasn't her first time, but it was her first time at the beach being able to walk. She loved it! We stayed for about 30 minutes, just enough time for me to get some videos and pictures. I snapped tons and tons of pictures. When we got home I realized the camera card was not formatted correctly and we had no pictures. I was so disappointed, but relived that we were still able to get some videos. Check it out

You can tell how much she loves Kiya in this one

Not so sure about the water, it was still pretty cold

This one is the funniest... I just love the ending!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I have watched these videos like 5 times already! PRECIOUS!!! :-)