Sunday, June 27, 2010


Kelly has been working a lot. Me and Ella Rae have been hanging out a lot. But I haven't been taking A LOT of pictures... don't know why, however I am trying to change that. So here are some new pics of the past few weeks. They are in no paticular order, just a smorgasbord of pics!

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Kelly with his new grill

Ella Rae watching daddy shave his head

Messy (but happy) girl after breakfast

On top of all her toys...

This is pretty fun!

The ducks in the lake behind our house-- a momma, daddy and 2 babies.

At a little park in Hilton Head Plantation


Playing with momma

I see you!

Exploring at the condo

On her favorite thing- the steps!

I like this place!

Oma got a new job in Charlotte so before she moved we went to the beach. Uncle Ryan came too! We had a great time playing with Oma in the sand and loved sitting by Uncle Ryan.
Thanks for a fun day!
One of the few times Ella Rae would sit was to play with Oma.

And she loved to sit in the beach chair.

Trying to get into Oma's cooler

Hanging out with Uncle Ryan

Kisses from mommy!

Eating a lemon....
She really loves them! Asks for them out of our glasses at restaurants.
hehe... see!

Ella Rae and Momma

Rolling in the sand
(actually throwing a temper-tantrum because I wouldn't give her the camera... But rolling in the sand sounded nicer)

Hey sandy girl!

That lady she is running to became her best friend. Luckily, the lady had 3 kids of her own who also became Ella Rae's best friends. They played with her and shared their snack with her!

Ella Rae and mommy playing in the water.

This next picture I threw in just so everyone could see how much ER has changed in a year.

Here she is in her first bathing suit in May 2009.

Be on the lookout for our next post in which Ella Rae will preform a special trick! Hope everyone has a great week!

And a special Good Luck to Oma who starts her new job on Monday!


  1. Omg girl! You have gotten so skinny! I'm jealous! :) All I do is eat the same things we give Parker (like chicken nuggets..) I need to stop! Ella looks so different, she is such a little girl now. So cute!

  2. I love all the new pictures! Ella Rae is such a big girl - and all smiles!!!! So fun Les, thanks for posting! Makes Aunt Lala happy :-) I can't wait to see the special trick!!!