Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wagon

The Jersey Girls (my mom's high school sorority sisters and BFF's) came down for a visit last week. We had tons of fun hanging out with the big girls and they even inducted Ella Rae into their sorority as a "little sister". She is lucky to have such awesome "big sisters" because they get her really cool things.
Like this wagon....

Thanks Girls!!

Ella Rae heading to the beach in her new wagon.

We also went to diner in Shelter Cove with the Jersey Girls.

Our Family

Pretty girl walking around

Dont you just LOVE HER?!?! (we sure do!)

And here are some fun pictures, as well...

Ella Rae's new ball pit/tent/pool?? I dunno, she loves it though!

Especially the ball part

Ella Rae floating in the pool wearing Mommy's sunglasses

A little blurry, but Ella Rae was wearing a headband for the first time!
They work great for keeping those curls out of her face.

I mean, can she be any cuter?????

Thanks again to the Jersey Girls for the awesome wagon!
Hope yall are having a great week!!

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