Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This weekend and bath tub hair!

Saturday was
Granddaddy's Birthday!
Ella Rae and Kelly
got to join
Gigi and Granddaddy at
Outback {my FAVORITE}
for a birthday diner.
I was working.

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

Then, Kelly and I
tried something new
on Sunday.
We went out on our friend's boat
-Nelson and Corri-
and went tubing!
We had a great time
but have been super sore
since Sunday!
Kelly cut his foot
pretty bad
helping Nelson load the boat
onto the trailer
so he was out of work Monday.

Corri and Nelson's sweet puppy that tagged along
and swam after the dolphins!

Corri and I on the captains seat
Its in black and white
so you can't tell how horrible
my paleness is lol

There is Kelly tubing!
{notice the dark skies...
it was raining all around us
but we enjoyed nice calm waters

And now for some bath tub hair:
dry, curly, chin/shoulder length hair

wet, straight, LONG middle of the back length hair!

When did this happen!?
I swear,
just yesterday,
my sweet little
baby girl
looked like this:


C'est la vie!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Pictures

Thought everyone
would like
to see some

These were
taken about
2 weeks ago.

Aunt Lala visited
last week
and once she's done traveling
I will have pics from her visit!
We miss her, though!

pretty girl

swinging with daddy

Ella Rae loves to zoooom in the red car!

Her favorite breakfast is a banana
{just like her granddaddy}
and she recently graduated to
biting pieces herself

On a bench at the park

We are also getting excited
Granddaddys birthday
is this weekend
Oma visits in 2 weekends

Until then,
Hope yall have
a great week!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do you know what today is?


Here is the picture
I took for grandparents day:

Ella Rae
her grandparents
{Gigi & Granddaddy, Oma & Poppy}
very much!
And her great grandmother, Nana, too!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm not so good...

at this blogging thing.
But here is a picture {or two or three}.
Again, from my cell.
I don't know why I haven't been using the camera.
I guess the cell is just quicker...
Maybe I need to invest in a cell with a better camera
hint hint SANTA :)

Without further ado....

Hello Everyone

How ya doin?

{18 month checkup}
I'm just hanging out...

wearing my new pink sparkle shoes!
{don't you just love them?}

And a BEAUTIFUL smile.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
We are getting ready for some