Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This weekend and bath tub hair!

Saturday was
Granddaddy's Birthday!
Ella Rae and Kelly
got to join
Gigi and Granddaddy at
Outback {my FAVORITE}
for a birthday diner.
I was working.

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

Then, Kelly and I
tried something new
on Sunday.
We went out on our friend's boat
-Nelson and Corri-
and went tubing!
We had a great time
but have been super sore
since Sunday!
Kelly cut his foot
pretty bad
helping Nelson load the boat
onto the trailer
so he was out of work Monday.

Corri and Nelson's sweet puppy that tagged along
and swam after the dolphins!

Corri and I on the captains seat
Its in black and white
so you can't tell how horrible
my paleness is lol

There is Kelly tubing!
{notice the dark skies...
it was raining all around us
but we enjoyed nice calm waters

And now for some bath tub hair:
dry, curly, chin/shoulder length hair

wet, straight, LONG middle of the back length hair!

When did this happen!?
I swear,
just yesterday,
my sweet little
baby girl
looked like this:


C'est la vie!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. haha I always turn picture black and white to hide my pale-ness too! Her hair is so adorable!!!!

  2. What an adorable little girl you have! Her smile is so, so sweet! I know exactly what you mean about how quickly she has gone from a baby to a little girl. I can't believe my daughter is already 2! Those bathtub/hair shots are too cute! My son happened to be sitting with me when I was looking at them and he asked if I could do that to his sister's hair next time I am able to give her a bath, ha! Thanks for the idea :) I hope you have a great Sunday!

  3. grow up waay too fast!

  4. Her hair is just the most perfect set of locks ever! Sweet Ella Rae, Aunt Momo loves and misses you!