Monday, October 4, 2010

The Beach

You may be asking yourself....
In October?
Well yes!
Ella Rae and I
met her
O'ma and Uncle Ryan
at the beach on Sunday.
We went in the morning
and it was a bit chilly.
Well, this southern momma
thought it was chilly.
And Uncle Ryan thought it
was chilly, too
Ella Rae and Oma
didn't mind, though.
They had fun
playing in the
water with the 4 big dogs.
But they were way down
the beach
so I didn't get a picture.
Here are a few pictures
I did get though:

Ella Rae, O'ma and Mommy
{take note: mommy in a sweater, O'ma in a bathing suit lol}

O'ma and Ella Rae
{take note: Ella Rae has firm grip on keys and cell phone, her 2 favorites}

Ella Rae and Uncle Ryan
{take note: Uncle Ryan also in sweater}

Ella Rae had such
a fun time hanging out
with her O'ma.
We also had diner with
O'ma, Uncle Ryan and Nana
on Saturday night.
But, of course,
I forgot the camera.
We miss you already O'ma!
Can't wait to see you again!
Thanks for everything!

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