Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

We took Ella Rae
Thursday night at
Coligny Plaza.
She was a still
{a little bit}
too young
for the trick
or treating part,
but she got to
wear a costume
I got some pictures!
This year, Ella
dressed as a
bumble bee.

Front view of her costume

and from the back

The bumble bee with Daddy

and with Momma
{i was also working that night but was able to sneak away for some fun with my girl- hence the Tail-Waggers shirt}

And a family pic with the bumble bee to end off the night.

Hope everyone
has a
Happy Halloween!


  1. What a CUTE (and busy!) little bee!!! I especially love the family pic and the bumble bee from the back! hee hee

  2. so cute! love her costume! thank you for the prayers! xoxo

  3. She is so cute!! My daughter was a bee last Halloween :) Love your choice!