Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Ok Y'all
this will be my last post
until after the new year.
This momma needs to get herself busy!
I am almost done with the shopping and making-
but I have not wrapped one present yet!
Plus- We will be busy spending the
holidays with our family and friends!

But I wanted to share a few pictures before signing off for 2010.

I took Ella Rae to my mom's preschool
last week for their Christmas show and party.
At the end of the party, Santa came to visit!
I thought this would be the perfect opportunity
to introduce Ella Rae to Santa.
Now she has seen him in books, on the tv
and little figurines around the house,
but never in person-
except for last year but she was only 10 months old.
She always says HoHoHo when we talk about Santa
so I really thought she would love him.

She did not:

The BEST part about these pictures is that
Ella Rae's Granddaddy is


I find this hilarious. We were so concerned that
Ella would recognize Grandaddy's
voice or eyes or something and
ruin the Santa surprise for everyone.
But I could tell from when he walked in,
that she wasn't so sure about him.
We told him we were going to bring her up
and to not talk.
She lasted about 10 seconds until
she squirmed her way out of his lap.
I said it was a good thing it was
Granddaddy though, because no normal Santa
would hold a screaming 22 month old
on their lap for this picture.
And for that matter-
no mother would let some strange man
hold their screaming 22 month old daughter lol! (i hope)

We all got a kick out of it and
opted out of going to the mall
for the traditional Santa picture this year.
I'm sure next year, Ella Rae and Santa will be buddies!

So I wanted to take this opportunity
to wish everyone a
wonderful holiday season.
I hope your days are similar to ours-
filled with love
and overflowing with blessings!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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