Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Week

It's been a while since I blogged,
I was enjoying thanksgiving festivities
my wonderful husband's birthday!
This post contains alot of pictures
taken over the past week.

We will start with Thanksgiving.
My parents were in New Jersey visiting friends
and seeing my sister. (she flew to PA to visit friends too)
Kelly, Ella Rae and I joined his
Mom, Brother and Grandmother
O'ma, Uncle Ryan and Nana-Mimi
for Thanksgiving diner.
I forgot my camera, and Oma's camera was dead
but luckily Uncle Ryan had his laptop
so we were able to get a few pictures with the webcam.

Here we all are!
Even though Ella isn't smiling,
she is looking at the camera
and that's good enough for me!

O'ma, Ella and Uncle Ryan

Kelly and I

haha... brothers....

And finally, Ella Rae and I.

While my parents were in New Jersey,
we stayed at their house to take care
of their silly dog.
We also took Ella Rae to the playground
in their neighborhood.
As you can see,
the pictures are pretty blurry.
Miss thing just can't stop moving!!

On November 26th it was Daddy's birthday!
We went out to Mi Tierra's for
Daddy's favorite- Mexican food!

I don't know how I didn't get a picture of O'ma-
but she was definitely there too!!!
We had a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving
with O'ma, Nana-Mimi and Uncle Ryan.
When my parents got back from New Jersey, we also had
a second Thanksgiving diner with them.
I will post those pictures tomorrow.

And here are two random pictures
of my precious little girl.
Everyone says the older she gets,
the more she looks like me.
I will have to scan some old pictures of me
to do a side by side comparison :)
All I know, is that she melts my heart
every single day!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!


  1. Les i love this picture of Ella in her coat and little boots

  2. OMG - this sassy shirt and her little coat are SO cute! She is so stylin!!! :-)