Monday, January 10, 2011

Leigh Ann's Baby Shower

I joined 4 other women to throw my sister’s baby shower while she was visiting over Christmas. It was my first time actually being a part of the planning and I really enjoyed it! I was in charge of the invitations, decorations and games. They are doing a teddy bear theme in the baby's nursery so we tried to incorporate teddy bears throughout the entire shower.

Let's start with the invitations. My sister and brother in law have decided to wait until Baby T (as we like to call him/her) comes to find out their gender. I knew I wanted the invitations to be gender neutral, but it was difficult to find something that represented my sister. I decided to hand make her invitations. I printed the words on to card stock and used scrap book paper as an accent to off set the white card. Then I put different zoo animals and boy/girl decorations around the cards and added a little teddy bear to each one. Each card I made was different, and I created 50 total!!! It was a ton of work but definitely worth it :-D

all 50 laid out after step one
(adding scrapbook paper)

fully decorated and ready to go after steps two and three
(adding decorations and teddy bear)

A close up of step one

a close up of step two and three

It was SO much fun to be able to create these unique invitations for my sister!
I know she loved them as much as I loved making them!

Now on to the games! I had three games for the shower. We also had a sweet little book where everyone wrote some encouragement or a prayer or just any advice for Leigh Ann. I loved that idea (wasn't mine- props to Dana haha). In the first game, every received a charm necklace and was instructed not to say "baby" throughout the shower. If someone heard you say baby they could take your necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the shower won a little prize. The next game we played was called Baby Shower Bingo. Everyone filled out a bingo card with items that they thought Leigh Ann would get as gifts. While she was opening presents, we all marked our bingo cards. The first one with BINGO won a prize!

And now onto the decorations! My sister has always loved and collected teddy bears so it was super easy to decorate. I borrowed some of the bears she had in her childhood room at my parents house. I placed the smaller, collectible ones around on the tables with some confetti and a little vase of flowers. Then, I put the bigger, stuffed bears on the mantle with some books for Baby T. I also handmade a wreath that we hung from the mantle. And Miss Betty made the most special Teddy Bear cake for Leigh Ann.

table decorations

The centerpieces

wreath and mantle

The mantle and wreath


Teddy Bear Cake- so yummy!

Ok and now for some people haha! Here are some pictures from the actual shower. It was such a wonderful time and I know Leigh Ann felt so blessed to have so many wonderful women gather to celebrate her and her new family.

Leigh Ann walking into her first baby shower!

Leigh Ann, My mom and I

The guest of honor and the hosts. That is (L-R): Dana, Kim, Leigh Ann, Cherie, Me, Miss BettyLeigh Ann and Dana- friends for 20+ years!
More 20+ years friends- Dana, Leigh Ann and Betsy

The girls were talking to Baby T and they felt a kick! So fun!

I just realized that I have also known these girls 20+ years! haha I have always been welcomed and loved by Leigh Ann’s friends, as well. Thank you for that!

Standing with all the presents!

opening gifts
opening gifts

a fun froggy rug friend- it was so soft!

bear outfit

Leigh Ann with the gift I got for Clint to open after the shower. I had her open to show everyone though because it is so awesome. It has little bears with with camping stuff on it! Like a fire, flashligh and walking stick. It is precious. I even heard that Baby T might even wear it home from the hospital, if Baby T is a boy!! haha so fun!

gigi gift

My mom makes us girls a special basket filled with baby goodies! She did it for me when I had Ella Rae and has now done it for Leigh Ann and Baby T!

Leigh Ann’s baby shower was wonderful! I enjoyed being a part of it as much as I enjoyed making it happen.

Happy First Baby Shower Seester- I love you and Baby T so much.

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  1. You did SOOO much work for my shower sweet girl! It was so special and I loved every moment of it!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    P.S. That really is cool that you have known Bets and Dana 20+ years too - and they love you to death! so sweet...