Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday


This household is under the weather. It started Wednesday with Kelly, Friday with me, Saturday for Ella Rae and Sunday for Kiya. Yes, the dog was sick too (all over Ella Rae’s room- might i add!). Today, everyone is back to normal but yours truly. And unfortunately, mommies can’t take sick days so we are still having fun!


see…100_3627 All smiles from Ella Rae. I think she looks so old here!


O’ma gave Ella Rae this cute pink jacket for Christmas. It has a little bow on the back! Ella Rae loves putting her hands in the pockets!




We are working on potty training over here so this is a common sight 100_3623-2Ella Rae HAD to go outside with Kiya because she put her boots on. haha


Ok, now I’m off to lay down while Ella Rae is napping. Pray this cold is gone soon, please!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. the potty training picture is just too TOO funny!