Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day 2010

The day after Christmas, it snowed! This was the second time it has snowed here in the Lowcountry this year. The first time this year was on Ella Rae’s first birthday. There was more in February than this past snow in December. It’s hard to believe that we actually had TWO snow days this year.

100_3452The snow falling on 12/26/2010


There was even some snow on the ground the next morning!

Oh, and here are some pictures from the snow day on Ella Rae’s first birthday 2/12/2010


The snow falling and accumulating on the roof.


Happy 1st birthday Ella Rae!


love love love this!

So Ella Rae’s birthday is now less than a month away. I am not so excited about that! I can’t even believe that I will have a 2 year old soon! Ahhh. I sure hope those ‘terrible’ two’s aren’t so terrible because I don’t think I could handle much more. Ella has been a pistol lately! Her favorite words are ‘No’ and ‘Mommy’ and she always uses them together!! haha. It has been driving me crazy. But then she gives me a sweet smile or a kissy face and I just cave. Oh well, that’s mommy hood I believe.

The weekend is coming up. My hubby is off all weekend, but unfortunately I have to work all weekend :( I’m just glad Ella Rae can be with her Daddy while I am working!

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

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