Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What baby’s wearing

I wanted to share some of what Ella Rae has been wearing lately. The good AND the bad! She likes to pick out her own clothes, or lack of haha.


Ella Rae wanted to wear this tutu one day-


It was a gift from Gigi and she loved to dance around in it….


but only for a minute!


This cute dress was a hand-me-down from our friends in Pennsylvania. Ella Rae loves it!


Ella Rae insisted on wearing this shirt one day. It was a Christmas gift from O’ma!


Sporting her Eagles jersey before a game last week


Ella Rae wearing mommy’s red high heels. I told her she had some big shoes to fill. haha


And here is an example of the bad…. look how saggy that diaper is!! No mother of the year award, here! haha but Ella Rae was just too sweet looking out at the window, waiting for Daddy to come home from work.


this picture is included only because I don’t want to forget that moment. Ella Rae calling out “Daddy” then finding his picture on the fridge. This girl loves her daddy!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

ps- i just got Ella Rae’s 2nd Birthday party invitations and they are soo cute! Even though I am not excited about her turning 2, I am sorta getting excited about her Birthday party!


  1. She's a hoot - haha!!!! Love you seester!

  2. So cute! Every little girl needs her own tutu! She is adorable.

    Love the one with her in your red heels!

  3. I love reading your blog every week...it's what I look forward to every Wednesday!! Love you guys!