Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

April, May & June 2009

glider 4.09

With Mommy in our new 2 bedroom apartment and on the glider!daddy 4.09

With Daddy in the new apartment

smile 4.09smile2 4.09

First Smiles

bathtime 4.09

bath time

eggs 4.09

dying Easter eggs

easter 4.09

In her Easter dress and bonnet. This was actullay supposed to be her coming home dress… funny how things turn out.

first bow 4.09

All wrapped up in a pretty little bow.head lifting 4.09

Holding her head up so good!

lala clint 4.09

Aunt Lala and Uncle Clint came to visituncle ryan 4.09

With Uncle Ryan

precious 4.09

precious girl

snuggy 4.09

Her snuggy thing from MUSC. She loved sleeping in this thing!

with mommy 4.09

Laying with Mommy

swing 5.09

The Swing!! Wonderful, wonderful thing! happy 5.09

Happy on the swing!

granddaddy 5.09

Watching golf with Granddaddy

smiles 5.09

A pro at smiling now :)

bathing suit 5.09

In her new bathing suit and hat!

happy baby 5.09

Ella Rae is such a happy girl!


Sitting in her Bumbo seat


A cute outfit (from Aunt Lala)polo 6.09 Another cute outfit… already in Polo

100_1058 Good Morning!

bumbo 5.09 Sitting with Kiyabouncer 6.09 The jumpy seat! She would play in this thing forever!

hat 6.09


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