Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

July, August & September 2009


O’ma came for a visit!


Happy 4th of July!


With Mommy on the 4th!

100_1139 The girls- Nana, Mommy, Ella Rae and O’ma



100_1147O’ma with her boys and granddaughter!

100_1143 Our Family!

100_1169 Look at her eyes!

100_1174 Beautiful child

100_1183 Ella Rae playing with her friend Carter

100_1191On her play mat!

100_1196 That’s Carters brother- Carson! He was premature just like Ella Rae!

100_1198 Cute Carter got his blanket out to lay with Ella Rae!100_1199 Sleeping beauty in Mommy and Daddy’s bed100_1200 haha she slept like this for about 10 mins.. it was so funny!


Big girl!

100_1206 Trying rice cereal for the first time

100_1207 100_1211


She loved it! And has been a wonderful eater ever since, might I add!

100_1220 With Daddy


So happy!

100_1247 Before taking her to the beach for the first time

100_1250 The only picture from the beach because Ella Rae started screaming crying about 5 mins after this haha

100_1255 Who is that girl?


Kelly LOVES this picture. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. So funny!


Trying out the high chair from Oma!


Wearing Mommy’s shades!

100_1333 Trying to push herself up to sit

101_1292 Cheese!

101_1378 Our friends from PA came to visit! That’s Daniella and Victoria with Ella Rae. They are the sweet girls that send Ella all the hand-me-downs! 101_1384

We went to hear the Headliners play when everyone visited. Kelly and Ella Rae listening to the music!


We also went to the beach with everyone. Ella Rae did better this time…

101_1390because she took a little nap!


At diner one night with Mommy101_1399 Trying out apple sauce for the first time

101_1412 And trying other things, like sweet potatoes.. those were yummy too! 101_1417 Sweet girl after a bath.


Daddy holding Ella Rae up!!

101_1430 Sitting up all on her own! 6 months old!


Holding strong!

101_1432 So proud! 101_1433 Playing with her musical mirror. 101_1440 Sitting so good in the highchair now! 101_1449 Trying out a sippy cup


101_1466 Obviously not the best shot, but Ella Rae had gotten up on all fours! Starting to figure out the crawling!


Big girl sitting up!

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