Friday, February 4, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

October & November 2009

10.09 daddyDaddy and Ella Rae- one of my most favorite pictures!10.09 sitting up Hello! 10.09 photo shoot1 Mommy’s little photo shoot…. 10.09 photo shoot2 Ella Rae wasn’t too happy about that bow

10.09 photo shoot3 Trying to figure it out… 10.09 photo shoot4 Then deciding to just eat it!

10.09 movin baby She’s a movin!

10.09 trouble Halloween jammies from Helen and Ella Rae looking mischievous!

10.09 halloween shirt Cute Halloween shirt from O’ma

10.09 giraffe

First Halloween! 11.09 philliesThe Phillies were in the World Series so Ella Rae used her Phillies bottle that the Brunozzi’s sent her. 11.09 bath All smiles in her tub! 11.09 wiggle worm She woke up one morning like this… all wiggled out of her jammies.11.09 happy Always so happy! 11.09 pans Playing with the pans and kitchen utensils11.09 ducky tub Her new ducky bath tub 11.09 stander First time pulling up on her own

11.09 big girl

Then she started pulling up on everything! So proud of herself11.09 crib lowered

Lowering the crib because she got so good at pulling up haha 11.09 escape I want out!11.09 daddy Thanksgiving 2009 with Daddy

11.09 momma thanksgiving

Thanskgiving 2009 with Mommy 11.09 fthanksgiving amily

Our Family!11.09 daddy bday Thanksgiving was also Daddy’s birthday this year 11.09 daddy bday2

Eating Daddy’s present!11.09 ponytail

First pony-tail! 11.09 towelhead little towel head on the move!

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