Saturday, February 5, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

December 2009 & January 2010

12.09 sleeping Napping on Daddy12.09 smilesBeing silly 12.09 santa1

At the mall to see Santa 12.09 santa2

She was pretty excited…

12.09 santa3

Until we put her on his lap. {excuse the poor quality- it’s a picture of a picture} 12.09 xmas party

Our family before a Christmas Party 12.09 xmas1 Opening presents with O’ma and Nana

12.09 xmas2

Christmas Eve 12.09 xmas3

Ella Rae, Kelly, O’ma and Nana 12.09 xmas4

Our Family 12.09 xmas day Woah, Santa came! 12.09 xmas day2 Very pleased with her new toys

12.09 xmas day family

Christmas Morning 12.09 xmas day3

Christmas Diner

12.09 day after xmas

Ella Rae just looks like a doll here! 12.09 day after xmas2 Aunt Lala, Ella Rae and mommy

12.09 pigtails

Pigtail girl!

12.09 pigtails gigis

Fun with Gigi and Granddaddy

01.10 01.10 caught

I caught you!

01.10 window

Looking out the window 01.10 dog cage Playing in Kiya’s cage 01.10 hehe

So pretty! 01.10 shirt A cute little monogram shirt from our friend, Kim.01.10 eating Messy girl!

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