Sunday, February 6, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

February 2010 (I felt her birthday month needed it's own day!)

Ella Rae’s First Birthday:


Happy first Birthday, Ella Rae!100_1908 Brithday Princess


She got a birthday crown from the preschool


Ella Rae at her party!


With Mommy 101_2065 101_2068

A bit spoiled? haha Ella Rae is very blessed!101_2070 Opening presents 101_2074Happy Birthday To You!


mmmmm 101_2101

Mommy made Ella Rae’s first cupcake! Ella Rae's 1st Bday

All the party guests, except Granddaddy :( He was there- but some how we didn’t get a picture with him. Sorry Granddaddy!!!


Ella Rae was excited to sit facing forward! 101_2032 It snowed on Ella Rae’s first birthday!! 101_2048 Ella Rae got to touch some snow!!! I was about this age the last time it had snowed in the Lowcountry! So cool.

Other February pictures:

101_1981101_2116 101_2131

101_2133 101_2139edited

I also started this blog in February. In the first post, I shared videos of Ella Rae walking alone for the first time!

This past year has flown by!!


  1. Adorable pictures!! I love "the 12 days of Ella Rae" - too cute of a concept!!

  2. Love my sweet little girl!!!! So fun to see how she has grown and changed so much!!!