Monday, February 7, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

March, April & May 2010

FYI: the next week of pictures have already been shared on this blog. I wanted to do this little series of pictures of Ella Rae’s past 2 years in order to have all the highlights together in one place. You have already seen the following pictures :)

3.10 swing Ella Rae loved swinging in the little park in our neighborhood3.10 3.10 eating Really getting the hang of eating

3.10 excited So happy outside

3.10 smile

Just precious, as always!

3.10 window3.10 happy3.10 wingfest

Ella Rae at Wingfest 3.10 dafolfils mommyPicking daffodils

3.10 dafolfils

3.10 dafolfils field

Walking around so good on her own101_2209

3.10 st pattys er

St. Patrick’s day parade on Hilton Head101_2230edited

Sharing a snack with Carson and Carter.

3.10 st pattys family

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

3.10 picnic2

Playing on the playground at Kelly’s company Bar-B-Que3.10 picnic3

3.10 picnic

4.10 easter basketThe Easter Bunny came!

4.10 bunny Our little bunny4.10 easter erEaster pictures

4.10 easter family

Happy Easter!

4.10 hair4.10 beachElla Rae running on the beach. I can’t wait to get her out there again this summer- it will be her 3rd summer on the beaches of Hilton Head!

4.10 eating

A picture during breakfast

4.10 camera

Ella Rae was trying to grab the camera from me 4.10 HHH

Ella Rae with her 2nd cousins- Heather, Heidi and Holly!


100_2450 100_2459100_2475

Celebrating Mother’s Day with O’ma

There were a ton of pictures from May so I turned them in to collages:

Ella Rae11

Ella Rae’s first time at the pool!


Mommy’s birthday and the beginning of Aunt Lala and Uncle Clint’s May visit.

may 25, 2010 pics1

Having fun with Aunt Lala and Uncle Clint!!

may 25, 2010 pics

At the beach some more

Also, in May we moved from our apartment…


to our townhouse!


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