Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

August, September & October 2010

8.10 playground

Ella Rae on the playground8.10 smile3 8.10 18 months

18 Month Old checkup (and Phillies hat!) 8.10 ponytail 8.10 smile8.10 trying peanut butterTrying peanut butter for the first time… she LOVES it!sept 7, 2010 upload1

It seems that I don’t have many pictures of Ella Rae from August because our friends Bogdan and Karen were visiting from PA. We were just so busy i could barely stop to take pictures!

9.10 banana

Eating a whole banana all by herself!9.10 9.10 swinging

Loves being with Daddy on the porch swing at Gigi and Granddaddy’s

9.10 bench9.10 gparents day

Happy Grandparents Day- September 129.10 la erAunt Lala’s visit in September

9.10 DH 9.10 girls 9.10 whip cream

Yumm trying home made whip cream9.10 shopping 10-8-10 upload, white dress beach pics

I took Ella Rae to the beach for a little photo shoot 10.10 beach

With O’ma at the beach in OCTOBER- I love the South :)

10.10 beach ryan

Ella Rae and Uncle Ryan

10.10 gd shoulders

Up on Granddaddy’s shoulders!

10.10 happy

She loves it up there

10.10 gigi gd

Reading with Gigi and Granddaddy

10.10 holiday farms1

Our visit to the pumpkin patch (Holiday Farms) 10.10 holiday farms2

Ella Rae and her pumpkin

10.10 pjs

She is ‘so big’ in her Halloween pajamas

10.10 bee front10.10 bee back

Ella Rae was a bumble bee this year for Halloween

10.10 bee fam

Happy Halloween!

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  1. The 18 month checkup has always been one of my favorite pics of her! It's the background on my phone! Soooo cute - love the 12 days of Ella Rae!! I look forward to it each day now, and will be sad when it's over!