Thursday, February 10, 2011

The 12 Days of Ella Rae

November & December 2010

11.10 swingsPlaying in the park

11.10 with momma

Posing with Mommy in her dress from Aunt Lala11.10 kiya

Aww, sisterly love!

11.10 pictails

Washing her hands- with pigtails

11.10 pigtails2

Excited about her new hairstyle

11.10 mini me

My favorite picture of my girl11.10 thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Nana, O’ma and Uncle Ryan

11.10 oma unc ry Waving to the webcam

11.10 sassy

A fitting shirt for Ella Rae, she is SUPER SASSY

11.10 daddys bday

Happy Birthday Daddy!

11.10 daddys bday with mommy

With Mommy before the birthday diner for Daddy

Picasa Export

Our second Thanksgiving/Birthday celebration at Gigi and Granddaddy’s 11.10 daddys bday cake

Happy Birthday to you

12.10 posing

Ella Rae posing

12.10 ornamentShowing us her ornament

12.10 sick

Ella Rae’s first cold of the season

12.10 sweet

Soaking up the sunshine!


Ella Rae really didn’t like Santa this year! 12.10 christmas cardMerry Christmas!

12.10 tree

Christmas Eve 12.10 oma

12.10 unc ry12.10 gg gd

12.10 family

12.10 santa came

Christmas Morning… she was so surprised to see all the toys!12.10 pianoLoves her piano12.10 tricycle

and her new tricycle! 12.10 poppy glovesShowing Poppy her new gloves and hat12.10 la christmas morning

Christmas #2 with Lala and Clint12.10 la christmas morning2 Opening her cookie set from Aunt Lala and Uncle Clint

12.10 la chrsitmas tutu[2]

A tutu from Gigi12.10 la christmas morning blanket With our beautiful hand crocheted blankets that Gigi made her grandkids.

12.10 la christmasPlaying with Aunt Lala

12.10 la visit hugs Hugs! 12.10 la visit confusedA bit confused…. haha Clemson hat and Carolina cup

*It was hard to distinguish which pictures from Aunt Lala’s visit were in December and which were in January haha… but I think those 2 were from December!

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