Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The countdown is on, but no news to report yet…

ONE WEEK until Ella Rae and I head to Albuquerque to see my sister and niece or nephew!

That’s right, we are still waiting to find out if Baby T is going to be a niece or nephew. Poor Leigh Ann is 40 weeks and 3 days. Everyone please pray that Baby T decides to make an appearance soon. Clint and Leigh Ann are definitely ready to meet their child! I will def be doing a post about the newest family member soon!

Technology is so cool! We have been able to see Granddaddy and Gigi through the webcam since they have been in ABQ. I wish I was able to be with my sister like she was there for Ella Rae’s birth. But at least I can SEE them instantly! Next time we webcam, Lala will {hopefully} have a baby!!! 
This weekend, Kelly and I helped our friend Corri move some stuff into a storage unit. I will have a post soon about Corri and Nelson’s big move to Texas!! While we were there, Ella Rae was able to meet some horses. She was scared at first, but warmed up to them at the end. 

I also thought I would share the pictures from Wingfest two weekends ago. Kelly and I enjoyed some friends, beer and wings while Ella Rae napped at Gigi’s. It was a great Saturday!

And here’s a sweet picture of Ella Rae to hold y’all over till next time ;) 100_3844

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!



  1. haha - love it! YES, come ON Baby T!!!! You should see everyone around here talking to my stomach all the time, telling Baby T how great life is on the outside, etc.! Let's hope Baby T is not waiting on his/her Auntie Leslie to get here!!!!