Monday, March 7, 2011


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1. Ella Rae has been waking up about 6:15 lately. I am not ready to wake up at that hour, so we usually hang out in my bed until about 7:00. Ella is very cozy in Daddy’s spot, since he leaves for work right before she wakes up :)

2. How adorable is she!? We got a few boxes of hand me down clothes from our friends in PA. Love this little sweater vest. Thanks Kristen AND Victoria!

3. Ella Rae took my eyeliner this morning while I was putting on my make up. She brought it right back when I asked, top on and all. When I put her in the car, I noticed the little black spot on her ear?! The ear, Ella Rae? Crazy girl!

4. We are getting so excited to meet Baby T! Ella Rae and I talk about the baby in Lala’s tummy every single day! She can even point right where her cousin is!  Less than a month and we will be in Albuquerque meeting Baby T! 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. SO cute!! And of course I LOVE picture #4!!! Can't wait can't wait!!! :-)