Tuesday, March 22, 2011

travels, visits and pics

Things have been pretty crazy round these parts lately. Ella Rae has definitely started acting like the old adage “terrible twos”. She certainly hasn’t been terrible by any means, just different. More active, busier, and she hasn’t been sleeping great. That means when she IS sleeping, I am taking some mommy time. Blogging just hasn’t been my top priority when there is always a sink full of dishes and multiple loads of laundry  to be washed and folded.
3-7-11 upload
We are counting down to Baby T’s arrival. My niece or nephew is due this Saturday so we are anxiously awaiting a “My water broke” call or a “I’m being induced on this date” call. Either way, I can’t wait to be an Aunt!!!  Here is Lala at 38 1/2 weeks! Doesn’t she look AMAZING!?!
That being said, we are all getting ready to travel to Albuquerque!! Gigi and Grandaddy leave on Thursday and will stay almost 3 weeks. It will be Gigi’s longest time away from Ella Rae AND her longest time away from home ever since being married!! Baby T sure is loved to get it’s Gigi for so long! Ella Rae and I leave 2 weeks from today to join Gigi and Granddaddy in Albuquerque. Unfortunately, Kelly will not be joining us on this trip. He has to stay home to work and take care of Kiya. I am so excited to get to see my sister, brother in law and new baby niece/nephew soon!

I also just learned that O’ma and Uncle Ryan are coming down this weekend! I’m sure we will get to visit with them some, too! Speaking of O’ma, here is Ella Rae modeling a little outfit from her. It is so cute and perfect for spring!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Wow, your sister looks GREAT!! And Ella Rae looks just like you in the second picture of her in the purple outfit. :) We really do need to get our little ones together before I pop!

  2. So fun! Cute pics of ER... and thanks for my little shout out :-)
    CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!

  3. Ugh - maybe it's something in the air causing our kids not to sleep?? ;) I definitely had a whole list of stuff to do today and decided to spend the day napping when Nathan did and staying in my pajamas. YAY YAY YAY for a new niece or nephew! And a trip to Albuquerque! I do hope I get to meet you while you are here. :)

  4. How exciting!! Your sister looks fantastic!! I simply can't wait to be an aunt...my first niece/nephew is due at the end of September :)

    Ella Rae is totally adorable!!

    Hope you guys have an easy trip out to Albuquerque! Enjoy every moment!