Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's YOUR song?

Today I am joining Goodnight Moon's link up party where we share a song.
It's no secret that we (Ella Rae and I) are fans of Justin Bieber and I absolutely love this song of his. He is only 17, but he's got a wonderful heart and donates a lot of money and time to many different charities and organizations. We are definitely fans!

And a sweet picture of my girl, just for fun!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Thanks for posting this song. I have not heard it before which is strange considering I have some Bieber fever at my house.

  2. First of all, You have a really cute daughter :D Second, the song totally touch my heart (& probably left a mark). Makes me realize tomorrow will be a better day. Have a GREAT weekend!


  3. Bieber fever has not hit my house yet. I actually have never heard one of his songs. I am impressed.

  4. Okay, I have to admitt that I don't listen to Justin Bieber at all. But I actually like the words to this song. So, thanks for picking this song because otherwise, I never would've heard it before.

    Thank you for linking up! I'm loving listening ot everyone's songs! See you next week!

  5. Is it strange that I love the Biebs? (Secretly, of course, at 26!) His song "Baby", I sing to my dog, Bosco, and replace baby with his name, haha! I didn't care for him until I saw him interviewed on Jimmy Fallon and heard his story, what a great one! Thank for sharing this song- absolutely beautiful!