Monday, April 11, 2011

Hayley Grace

Ella Rae and I got to meet someone last week.
And I am in love. 
I am in love with Hayley Grace.
I never thought I would love another child like I love my own.

And yet I do. 
 This is my sister's daughter and she is adorable. 

 Her Mommy and Daddy are so proud

Her Gigi loves her

 Granddaddy is smitten with his 2 granddaughters!

And I just love my niece!

She is so precious in her going home outfit and hat Gigi made.

Clint and Lala were so happy to bring Hayley home

Hayley was happy to be home, too!

Ella Rae spent alot of time kissing Hayley

and watching her in the new bouncy seat.

While I spent a lot of time holding my sweet niece!

Ella Rae didn't even mind sharing Mommy's lap with her cousin. 

Granddaddy and Gigi are thrilled to have 2 granddaughters!

 Gigi loves all her girls!!

 And Ella Rae loves her cousin so much!

You can just see how happy she is to be holding baby Hayely!

Lala and Clint- Thank you so much for allowing
us to be a part of Hayley Grace's first week.
I feel so honored to have been there and to have seen
her precious life so fresh and new.
You two are already the most wonderful parents and
I can't wait to watch Hayley grow.
 We love you so much and can
wait till the next time we are together again (Kelly included!).

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Cousins!

It is my honor to introduce my niece:

Hayley Grace
  (pic snatched from Lala's facebook)

 7 lbs 10 oz   
21 inches 

I can't believe she is here!! 
I am an Auntie! 
Kelly and I have a niece!
We are praising God for such a precious blessing!!
My sister is a rockstar! 
She delivered her daughter 
via C-Section after 28 hours of labor!
Both Momma and Baby Girl are doing wonderful!

Welcome to the world sweet Hayley! 
I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We recently got to spend some time O'ma, Uncle Ryan and Kelly's 3 cousins- Heather, Holly & Heidi. The 3 girls were here all week so O'ma and Uncle Ryan came down to visit everyone this weekend!

I was able to get a great shot of O'ma and Ella Rae
And a pretty good shot of Ella Rae with Holly, Heidi & Heather (L-R)
And I even got a shot or two of ALL of us!

We had such a great time visiting with our wonderful family! 
Can't wait to see ya'll again soon!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Out with March, in with April. 

Well it looks as though Baby T will be having a birthday in April instead of March, like we all thought!! It's actually kinda funny.... Leigh Ann and I had the same due date- March 26- and neither one of us had a baby in March! Ella Rae was born in February and Baby T will arrive in April. Lala is scheduled for  inducement tomorrow night if nothing happens before then. That means Baby T will be so sweet and fresh when Ella Rae and I get to ABQ on Tuesday. I can't wait to join everyone in celebrating Lala and Clint's child!

On a completely different note...
Being that today is April 1st, I decided to play a little April  Fools trick on my momma. I sent her this picture saying "I think I'm allergic to tuna?! Will benadryl help??"

I used the "Fat Face" iPhone app to create picture

As soon as I answered her immediate call, I was laughing. Mom was not. Once she finally heard me laughing she started saying "Is this an April Fools? Is this an April Fools?" Ya'll I was dying! I couldn't even get an answer out! She finally just hung up on me. I texted her a minute later saying please dont be mad, that it was just an iPhone app and a joke! HAHA

I also sent her this picture so 
she knew I wasn't joking anymore. 
See Mom, I'm FINE!

Happy Friday Everyone!

ps- Come On Baby T!