Friday, April 1, 2011


Out with March, in with April. 

Well it looks as though Baby T will be having a birthday in April instead of March, like we all thought!! It's actually kinda funny.... Leigh Ann and I had the same due date- March 26- and neither one of us had a baby in March! Ella Rae was born in February and Baby T will arrive in April. Lala is scheduled for  inducement tomorrow night if nothing happens before then. That means Baby T will be so sweet and fresh when Ella Rae and I get to ABQ on Tuesday. I can't wait to join everyone in celebrating Lala and Clint's child!

On a completely different note...
Being that today is April 1st, I decided to play a little April  Fools trick on my momma. I sent her this picture saying "I think I'm allergic to tuna?! Will benadryl help??"

I used the "Fat Face" iPhone app to create picture

As soon as I answered her immediate call, I was laughing. Mom was not. Once she finally heard me laughing she started saying "Is this an April Fools? Is this an April Fools?" Ya'll I was dying! I couldn't even get an answer out! She finally just hung up on me. I texted her a minute later saying please dont be mad, that it was just an iPhone app and a joke! HAHA

I also sent her this picture so 
she knew I wasn't joking anymore. 
See Mom, I'm FINE!

Happy Friday Everyone!

ps- Come On Baby T!


  1. Hahahah!! I love this!!! Okay, I'm off to get this app...thank you for sharing!!


  2. That is hilarious!!! I pray that your sister's baby arrived safely and that you have a fantastic visit with her and the newest addition :)

    I'm going to have to check out the fat face app! I've never seen that before. My kids are obsessed with my iTouch though so I have to be sure to keep it away from them...I don't need kids with no filters on their mouths keenly aware of fat vs. thin, lol!