Monday, May 30, 2011


The Shaw family is, in fact, alive and well.
Time has really gotten away from me.
It's hard to believe it has been almost 7 weeks since my last post!
Well... not really. 
ALOT has happened in that time.
Thought I'd share a little update of what we have been doing lately.

Let's see...

-we celebrated Easter.
(once with O'ma, Nana & Uncle Ryan)

(and again with Gigi & Granddaddy)
-Kelly went out of town for a week for work

- our BFF's, Corri & Nelson, got married!!
(horrible, grainy cell phone pic is all I got!)

-We celebrated Mother's Day

-We celebrated MY BIRTHDAY

-We visited with my Aunt and Cousins and
Ella Rae got to meet her second cousin, Brayden

-We took Ella Rae to the beach for the first time this season

-And Ella Rae threw a fit because we left the beach for the first time this season-haha
(I'm sure this will happen many more times)

And that about puts us up to date...

Oh, and I do have some a few random
pictures of Ella Rae to share

ER loving on her daddy

 being silly with her sunglasses

And Ella Rae in one of my current favorite outfits :)

Look out for another post
this week
with some more fun stuff ;)

Happy Memorial Day-
a huge thank you to all our fallen heroes!


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