Monday, July 25, 2011

Aunt Lala, Uncle Clint and HG's visit

So sorry it took so long for me to post 
these pictures from Hayley Grace's visit. 
We started potty training last week and I have been
pretty consumed with it. 
I would say that this house is 
successfully diaper free!! 
(at least for the next 5 months haha) 
We definitely use pull ups at sleeping time, 
but otherwise, Ella Rae always uses the potty!

Now, onto the pictures!!

 Finally holding my sweet niece
Gigi happy to have her granddaughters
Ella Rae stayed very close to "Baby Hayley" especially during feeding time
Auntie Leslie and Hayley Grace
The first time we tried going to the beach- it was cold and rainy

But we ran down to the water and snapped a quick pic anyways
You guys already saw this sweet picture....
 but I think this one is EVEN SWEETER!
 My sister and I with our DAUGHTERS... crazy!
Gigi with her GRANDDAUGHTERS... even crazier!
I took the opportunity to feed HG any chance I got :)
The girls in cute matching outfits

Ella Rae reading to Hayley Grace
 Leigh Ann and her bff, Dana at the 'sip & see' party we held for HG
 The whole family after the party
Kelly and I feeding our niece... and preparing for this again in December :)
 The beach was much nicer the next time we went. 
Ella Rae enjoyed playing with Aunt Lala
 She jumped waves with Dana and her daughter, Mattie.
And she loved riding the boogie board in the waves!
Stopping for a quick picture with mommy and Aunt Lala

Hayley Grace slept under the umbrella like this the whole time we were there!
So sweet

Her Mommy and Daddy finally woke her so she could dip her toes in the water
The whole crew at the beach- minus Kelly who was working, of course!
 Ella Rae loves playing at Dolphin Head playground!
 One more adorable matching outfit!!
 By the end of the week, Ella Rae was helping feed Hayley Grace. 
She will be a great big sister!
And one last picture of my sweet, sweet niece!!

We ALL miss her so much!
Of course we miss her Mommy and Daddy, too.
The next time we are all together will be Christmas
and there will be three grandchildren!
I can't wait to see all these cousins grow up together!

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  1. YAY! I love this post - such a fun recap! Love and miss ya'll MUCHO!!!!!!!