Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone photo dump

July, where did you come from?!? 
I mean seriously... time goes way too fast!!
I figured the best way to show what we've 
been up too lately would be an iPhone photo dump. 
I take pictures with my phone much more 
frequently than the camera, because I 
have it around!

Ella Rae really enjoys the pool- swimming and lounging.

Ella Rae got to go to the end of the year
party at Gigi's school. 
Gigi and Granddaddy also got her a new 
sand and water table to play with!

And we've spent A LOT of 
time at the beach!!
 Ella Rae has been looking pretty darn cute these days, too!

And one more funny picture... 
Aunt Lala asked me for a baby bump 
picture so this is what I sent her:

Ella Rae AND new baby all in one!
(I am 15 weeks in this picture)

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday!

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  1. Less than a week! Less than a week till I see this sweet face!!! :-)