Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Big news in the Shaw household-
Ella Rae started school yesterday!

She is attending the 2 year old program 
at the same preschool I went to!
 Here she is enjoying her snack
on her first day of preschool!

 Last week, she got to go to a little orientation 
to meet all her new friends and teacher.

It's actually funny, because 
I am her teacher (temporarily).
The teacher for her class quit unexpectdly the day 
before orientation, so I stepped in to 
be the sub until we find a replacement.
It has definitely been a challenge to 
teach and parent, but we can handle it!
I do love getting to see Ella Rae interact 
with other children. 
But I don't love when she throws fits
because of something "mommy" related.

 And here is my 22 week picture!
The little girl in there is growing for sure.
I have also been feeling her move 
so much more these past two weeks.
That's fun for me, and Kelly!

Hope everyone has a great week.

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