Friday, September 2, 2011

What we've been up to

We have been super busy with 
school these past two weeks. 
It's hard being a 
mother of a two-year old, 
BUT we are making it work 
and looking forward to a nice
Labor Day weekend!

Here's what Ella Rae has been up to lately:

 Reading in the car

 Looking so big and cute walking into school with her backpack

 Snacking on some watermelon

Excited to be taking her new lunch box to school

Having lunch at school for the first time with her friend Sam
Swinging fun at the park

in other news:
I am 25 weeks today!
The sweet little baby is about the
size of a cantaloupe-
I will try to get a good belly picture 
this weekend to share.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!


  1. Such cute pictures Leslie!!! Ella is looking adorable these days and I cannot wait to squeeze her in my arms! XoXo

  2. Love the new post! What a sweet... but too BIG... girl you have! Miss ya'll a ton!!!