Friday, December 9, 2011

Life with 2...

but mostly just CRAZY.
We only had to stay at MUSC for 5 days,
so we are all home and adjusting to our new life
as a family of 4!

Since it's been nearly a month since my last post,
I will start with some pictures of our time at the hospital.

Our first picture of Caroline

Grabbing onto Daddy's fingers

A body shot... poor little thing with the oxygen, IV and monitors :(
Yay! Oxygen removed 12 hrs after birth!
First time I got to hold Caroline

First time Daddy got to hold her

All snuggled up
First feeding from Mommy

A new hair accessory!

Ella Rae came to visit!

She wasn't really supposed to go into the NICU (too young) but we snuck her in for a quick visit anyways

One of our nurses made Caroline's hat have a little bow :)

Another accessory: the sweet preemie hat Gigi crocheted for her

Finally in a real bassinet
Daddy so proud of his new girl

When we were ready to go home!
Up next...
The first few weeks at home!